Thursday, August 31, 2006

Me and my knit whits!

The Shape of A Mother
What a wonderful tribute to the truth about the beauty of motherhood.
Ok so I suck at posting here, but need to to keep it active. This is intended to be my knitting project blog, so I will just tell you that I have a TON of crap to do. 3 friends and my sister all pregnant, and me with not enough ideas for baby gifts. I am sick of soakers, and some aren't CDing so that's out. Hats, booties, and sweaters oh my! Hats are somewhat over done, sweaters confuse me, and booties are a pain in the arse. Blankets take to long and aren't always practical. I am thinking of abandoning the whole knitted gift thing for a couple of them and just tie die some onesies!