Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ow my shoulder! The winter storm. And my job is ending.....

Ok so for the last few weeks now my left shoulder has been hurting. I finally got off my rump and went to the doctor. He checked me out, gave me some meds and sent me to physical therapy. Oh yeah. I just love PT. Ooh so much fun. NOT. Anyway, it looks like I have either a tendon or ligament strain that is inflammed and causing nerve compression. Happy times.
I will do my exercises, apply ice, and keep my use limited for the next few weeks while I go to PT twice a week and hope that it fixes it. If not it will be off to get an MRI for me.

What a crazy winter storm we've had! You can see the pics in my previous 2 posts. We have had now a total of 4 bands of snow come through, a few bouts of freezing rain, a thaw and a freeze all in the space of a week. Total since last Friday I think we've seen over 12 inches of snow and at least an inch of ice. We are getting more now as we speak. And while I love the beauty of our blessed mother earth clothed in her finest white winter garb, I don't love the extra week of the kids being out of school and insane Oregon drivers that don't have a clue wtf they are doing out on the roads! Oh and the fact that the cities here are not prepaired for this and don't plow! So if we have to go anywhere its chains on the tires and a prayer on your lips. Fortunately I have a well stocked pantry and freezer, the power is still on, and Marc is on vacation next week. I am content to just stay put, let the kids play in the white stuff, and keep my wool socks on. Sadly though I may have to work Xmas eve and the day after so keep sending traveling mercies my way as I slog my way to and from the book store.

Speaking of the bookstore, I was informed on Friday that the store's hours are being cut drastically after the new year. Which means my dream job is most likely going to end. There is a very slim chance I will be put on "contingency" and may be used as a call in gal for when people call in sick, but I don't have a lot of faith in that. I'm not very happy about leaving. I really do enjoy working at the bookstore, even if it is as only a cashier. Like I have said many times to many of my friends, the smell of books makes me happy. *sigh*
I also don't have a lot of hope in finding any other viable employment at this time of year in my industry (retail) in this economy. So, it looks like I will once again be a full time SAHM.

Such is life I guess...........................
Images from the snow storm over Dec. 20th and 21st. We got 8 inches of snow and another 1/2 an inch of ice on top of that.

Wow what a week. The kids have had such fun playing out in the snow!

You can really see the joy in Lily's eyes!

Austin is by far having the most fun in this winter wonderland!

Colton tries to make the most of this, but really doesn't like the cold.
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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

As many of you know I am not a big fan of Christmas and all the hustle and bustle, BUT I love to decorate! I especially love doing my wreath every year. This year it's holly and pine with a sweet little red bird.

When I was a little girl my grandma had a very special santa doll that she put out every year. If I was gentle and sat on the sofa I could hold him. Now that I'm all grown up and have a little girl of my own, my grandma got me my own special santa doll. Here is Lily being gentle on the sofa holding him with much the same expression I've seen on my own face in pictures of me holding grandma's doll.

Here is our house all lit up!

I finally found advent calenders with chocolate in them that weren't $20! The kids are thrilled!

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Halloween was a total blast! The kids got to dress up twice. Once for the cub scout pack meeting and again on the 31st. We went to John and Rea's house for a party and trick or treating in their neighborhood. Lily was a "faerie princess" of course, Colton was a vampire, and Austin was Anikin Skywaker (damn store bought costumes, but hey its what he wanted). And of course I had to dress up too, because lets face it folks this is my FAVORITE holiday!!

The best news from November is that I am now employed again! Woo Wooooooo HOOoooooooOOoo!!! I got the job at Borders. And let me just say I LOVE IT! Everyone is super nice and welcoming. Very helpful and respectful of my experience and knowledge. I just can't believe how lucky I am to have this job. LJ the store manager has told me many many times over that it is a priority of hers to see that I get to stay .. the holidays since my status right now is seasonal. Cross your fingers folks I want to keep this job for as long as possible.

Thanksgiving was low key and wonderful. I made a yummy delicious brined/herb roasted turkey breast, homemade dressing/stuffing, and dill roasted fingerling potatoes. The kids helped me make the pumpkin pie. Before we ate, everyone went around the table and said what we were thankful for. Each of the kids had some interesting things to say. Lily was grateful for her brothers and parents and her cat that "sleeps with her every night to keep her feet warm" Colton was thankful for being in school now, his family, and his teacher. Too cute! and Austin was thankful that we always have plenty to eat, his family, and to daddy for building a "kids computer" LOL

After dinner, Steve and Irene came over to help us eat the pie and catch up. We had a great night chatting away.

I am of course working like crazy now with the holiday shopping season upon us, but I love it so much it makes me happy to go to work. I am almost done with my xmas shopping and gift making, and if all goes well I will be putting it all in the mail Saturday.

The other big bit of news is that we officially have a change in leadership within our cub scout pack. It will be interesting to see how things go from here on out.
This year for Halloween we went to our friend's house in Hillsboro. Austin was Anikin, Colton a vampire, and Lily a "faerie princess"
Oh and try to guess who I am!!!





Colton and Rea's daughter Jasimine have a special bond. They truly do enjoy playing together.
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