Friday, February 27, 2009

Not much new going on around here. I'm finally used to Marc's new schedule of having to leave the house at 7am. Not liking it mind you but, used to it nevertheless. I do feel like I get a lot more done getting up earlier, so that is a good thing. We are all finally NOT SICK! YAY! January and February were rough months, I'm glad it's almost March.

Marc started back to school this week on Tuesday nights. I never like it when he's not home for bedtime LOL, but I keep reminding myself of the bigger picture. When he finishes his degree we have way more options open to us that he does now without it. Like moving back East, closer to family.

We had a dusting of the yucky white stuff yesturday, and I just have to say that I am really done with winter. I am really hoping things start to warm up soon. Spring here is a beautiful time of the year, and I am ready to see the flowers!

Austin is doing so-so in school. His knowledge is great. His math facts are quick and his reading is improving, its his actually focusing on the work and getting it done that we are still having issues with. Add to that the fact that ever since we have returned from Florida, he has developed this attitude that is rude and sarcastic. UGH he isn't even 8 yet! Why does he remind me of a teenager? So because he has been consistently rude and sometimes abusive to his brother and sister, continually "forgetting" his homework at school, or lying about it being done, and talking back to Marc and me with a voice and attitude that are no where near respectful, we've taken video games away indefinitely. The backtalk and attitude to Marc and me when we tell him to do something is normal and really not a huge deal to me unless it becomes a constant thing. Its a phase that is normal anyway according to my mom! But the "forgetting" his homework (yeah right!) and lying I will not stand for. Oh and picking on his sister and bringing her to tears almost daily has to stop. So he seems really motivated to fix how he treats people since we took games away. He can still play outside (weather permitting of course) and play with toys, crafts etc. But video games are a major priviledge in this house and he has to earn them back now. I totally get why all this is going on, he's powerless as a kid in so many ways, so showing power by picking on Lily is his way of trying to get some back for himself. Its just not ok. Marc and I have also figured that the last 3 months everyone has been off. Snow storm, winter break, trip to Florida, and illnesses have had our whole schedule and dynamic of kilter. Getting back to the routine and way of doing things in our house (respect for each other, kindness, truthfullness, etc) is going to help him be successful both in school and at home, and that is OUR job. So hopefully that will happen.

Colton started a new program at Beaver Acres called Kinder Plus. He stays for an extra 45 minutes each day durin which he is in a class of about 30 kids with 4 teachers and they focus soley on reading skills. He loves it! It's amazing to me how much he really loves school. He is such a different boy now. Still very loving and sweet, still sensitive and quick to cry, but much better at working out problems with his siblings and much more articulate. He also is constantly thinking and coming up with cool things to tell us. I love it!

Lily is well, Lily. Always an enigma to me. I guess I just don't get girls or 3 year olds. A couple of days ago she took Austin's soccer trophey and banged the crap out the the top of my coffee table! Grrrrr. And her taunting of her brothers is a big source of discontent in our house. She is getting better about listening and doing what we ask of her without comment, but her stubborn side still drives me crazy. The little battles over what she'll wear, if she can bring a toy into a store, or where to sit on the stinkin' couch drive me nuts, but are starting to get fewer and farther between. Thankfully we are getting closer and closer to 4 years old, and hopefully a lot of this weill fade away.

So there you go, a quick update!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Random updates

Ok so since we've been back from Florida, I've gotten strep throat, got better, got the flu, got better, had all 3 kids go through the flu, they got better, and now I'm trying to recover from 3 weeks of being in a house full of illness and get my house back in order.
I managed to get Lily's room cleaned and organized. Marc helped with the boys room, and now its on to the rest of the house. Oh and I re-ordered my pantry and can actually find everything now.
I'm still working on getting a handle on our cub scout pack. So far things are going along nicely. Everyone seems really happy with the changes and willing to put work in. Well mostly. We still only have about half of the parents actually working for the pack. I'd like to see that closer to 3/4, but beggers can't be choosers right? Our next big things are Blue and Gold Banquet and Spring Candy Sales. I have a pretty good handle on the sale, and it seems that the person we chose to handle the banquet is doing a fantastic job. I'm really happy about that. After candy comes recruitment for the spring. I really hope to boost our packs numbers by about 30% over last year. That would add about 10 new families and give us new parents to help. I am ok being committee chair if I have all the rest of the positions filled and I only have to be committee chair! Its no fun having to do so much work behind the scenes that I don't get to enjoy the activites with my son, and next year with Cole starts as a Tiger I will have to be with him and can't be doing all that I'm doing now. Fortunately, I have a lot of support from Marc and he is willing to do what ever I need him to. I have some things planned that should help the whole deal run more smoothly and keep people informed with minimum effort on my part. Lets hope it works!
Colton started a new program at school called Kinder Plus. He gets to stay for an extra 45 minutes every day with a different group of teachers that focus solely on reading. He is really loving it and actually reading words after only 2 weeks in the class. I'm very excited for this time in his life. The moment of truth when a child "gets it" and starts reading is soooooo cool.
Austin is doing much better in all aspects of school. He still has what his teacher calles his "wiggly" days, but they are fewer in number and seem to be after a long stretch out of school, like a 3 day weekend or when he comes back from being sick. His reading skills have really blossomed since starting his own reading group with one of the reading specialists at school. We are sooooooo lucky to have such great teachers and good programs in our school. I just pray that we get to keep the programs.
I'm trying to figure out a way for Lily to start some sort of preschool in the fall. She doesn't really need it on an acedemic level since she picks up so much just by being around when we work on homework with the boys, but socially she needs to learn a few things before kindergarten. She is stuck at home with me and her brothers way too much. She is very much the "baby" in our house. I think it keeps her from being assertive in some aspects and makes her over aggressive in others. Being on an even playing field with kids her own age would help this a lot. Plus she really needs to learn to follow the directions of other adults when mom and dad aren't around. She tends to dig her heals in if she doesn't like something or it isn't going her way. Normal I know, and typical for her age and such, but learning how to "do school" before kindergarten might help her there.
I'm sort of in a rut emotionally lately. Worrying about way too much, most of which I have no control over. Feeling anti-social and disconnected again. Missing my far away friends and family, and overwhelmed by the day to day chaos of raising 3 kids. Marc has been great trying his best to take some of the load off, but so much of what needs done I want to do myself and have a really hard time letting go and asking for his help. Its just me. Control Freak Extrordinaire! So much of the running of the house is stuff I truly HATE doing. Grocery shopping, meal planning (not the actual cooking part, that I love), laundry, scrubbing floors, dusting etc. I truly hate it. But I'm just ocd enough to have to have it done MY way. Crazy I know, especially when someone is offering to help! So I have to get some sort of plan and stick to it that allows others to help with the house and still gets stuff done they way I need it done. When I figure it out I'll let you know!