Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The last few posts have been updates for the last month or so....
I know I am way behind on gettin pictures out and up on the various blogs and albums I have. Keeping up with that part of life seems to take a back seat in the busy busy way our days have been lately.

Big news in the Miller house, Colton started Kindergarten, Marc went back to College, Austin is doing great in 2nd grade (at least from what I know at the moment), and Lily is 3 1/2. For those of you with kids you know what that means! LOL

I am still looking for work part time. Not a lot of luck finding the hours I need and in this economy. I had an interview today at one of our local stores called Fred Meyer. Its sort of like a Kohl's and a higher end grocery store combined. Way chic compaired to Wally World. They didn't have any openings in the Home department (furniture, dishes, etc) so I'm going to be stuck in Appearal until I something opens up. If I get the job. I am still waiting for the Appearal manager to call me for my 2nd interview.

I applied at Border's Books, but never heard back. I am going to go follow up with them this week though. I would sooo much rather be at a book store than work in clothing.

Tomorrow we have parent/teacher conferences, and a good friend of mine is coming to watch the kids so that Marc and I can both go. At least I hope Marc can go. His job has been crazy busy lately with him out the door before 8am and not home until after 5pm which is a huge switch from him being able to work from home until 9am or so and being done by 3pm! The kids seem to be confused about it! LOL

Halloween is this Friday and I can't wait to take the kids trick or treating and then we have a party to go to as a family at Rea and John's house! It will be a lot of fun. The kids already got to wear their costumes at Austin's Cub Scout Pack meeting Monday night and Colton got to wear his today to school for the Kinder's Halloween Parade that they put on every year for the rest of the school. I'm not going to tell what they are until after I get pics up! Don't want to spoil the suprise!

I will post up pics soon.
Fall again already???


The first leaf pile of 2008


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Essential skills of Childhood! Throwing and Catching a ball.


So Lily and I played outside this past Sunday while the boys were busy with their video games. I decided it was time to teach her how to throw and catch a ball. We started simple with a big orange playground ball. Her throwing is excellent. It took some time however to get her to understand how to "watch the ball" when she was trying to catch it.


See the look of consentration on her face??? It was cracking me up!


Daddy was able to catch these action shots!


Yay Lily!! Good Catch!!
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The 2008 Race for the Cure


Lily and I joined the PCC Middle Eastern Dance Club on their team walk for the cure on Sept. 21st 2008. We wore our coin belts and "hip shimmied" our way around downtown Portland!


We road the Max to downtown, which as everyone knows is a blast for kids!


Here we are getting ready to start the walk!


There were over 40,000 walkers in the race this year raising a ton of money for the Susan G. Komenn Foundation to fund mammograms and breast cancer research. We walked in memory of my Aunt Deb who lost her battle against breast cancer in January of 1992. Our team raised just under $700 btw!
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Introducing Her Royal Highness Princess Lillian Elizabeth! ROFL!!! Look at the expression on her face! It's the picture of aloofness and superiority needed to be a princess that is for sure!


Deni had a big hand in helping Lily put this ensemble together, suppling the gloves, fan, much of the "jewels", and the purse! Thanks Deni.


Our little Lilybug isn't so little anymore and really does love to dress up. I can't believe how "girly" she can be one minute and how filthy she gets the next. Its AWESOME!
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Lily was soo excited to get a new package of "ponies", what we call ponytail holders, that she wanted ALL of them in her hair. Mommy is so excited that her hair is finally long enough to hold one let alone 20 ponies!


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is this thing still working???