Thursday, November 16, 2006

First read this:

Now if you aren't outraged go to a different blog!

After one of my friends read the above article she contacted Delta Airlines who partners with FreedomAir on the flight in question about their breastfeeding policy. They told her over the phone that the policy is that a mother may breastfeed her child if she does so "discreetly" and that judgement is left up to the flight attendents. UGH! Who has the right to decide if I am being discreet or not when I am feeding my child? Who I ask you who? The answer? ME!!!!

Currently a midwife I know is awaiting a written response containing Delta's offcial policy on breastfeeding during their flights. Once we have that I will post here and I will post a place where all of you can contact them and let them know what you think.

Let's not forget in a previous post I listed all the laws that are currently in affect for protecting a woman's right to feed her child. With that in mind remember that the state where the flight originates has jurisdiction over that flight with reguards to laws. So if any flight originates in a state protecting the woman's right to breastfeed then NO entity can limit that right without breatking the law.

Is it just me or will all of you be glad when this fight is over?

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  1. will the fight ever be over? i hate some people. not you of course!