Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Introducing Her Royal Highness Princess Lillian Elizabeth! ROFL!!! Look at the expression on her face! It's the picture of aloofness and superiority needed to be a princess that is for sure!


Deni had a big hand in helping Lily put this ensemble together, suppling the gloves, fan, much of the "jewels", and the purse! Thanks Deni.


Our little Lilybug isn't so little anymore and really does love to dress up. I can't believe how "girly" she can be one minute and how filthy she gets the next. Its AWESOME!
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  1. Hey sis that pic of Lilly with her hair in a bunch of pony's reminded me of a pic I have of me and Angie Wilson, our expressions on mine and Lilly's face is spot on. LOL

    Love Ya