Saturday, January 31, 2009

So even though the reason for our trip to Florida was a sad one, both Marc and I decided that we needed to take the kids to the beach. It was a beautiful day at Daytona Beach! 75 degs, clear and breezy, but compaired to the Oregon Coast it was down right tropical!

The kids seem all ready to go here, but Austin was "cold" due to the wind. It didn't dawn on me for a few minutes, but where we go to the beach in Oregon is in a cove and not as windy as it was here.

Lily, Daddy, and Colton test the water of the Atlantic with thier toes to see if it is really warmer than the Pacific.

I couldn't have timed this picture better! =D

I was really happy when a very nice older couple walked by and offered to take a picture of our whole family! Just about everywhere we go I have pictures of Marc and the kids, or myself and the kids. Pictures of all 5 of us together are rare!

Even though his dad, brother, sister and mom all told him that the water was warmer and quite a bit of fun to play in, Austin took his dear sweet time getting into the swing of things. I was soo sure that he would run right in! Goes to show that Austin has his own mind about things and will often do exactly the opposite of what I think he will do, probably just to spite me! LOL To get this picture I had to practically beg and ask him to "at least put a toe in the Atlantic Ocean" for a picture for all his grandma's and grandpa's.

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