Saturday, May 29, 2010

5 years ago

5 years ago I was trying my hardest to rest after labor stopped AGAIN! Marc and I went and saw Revenge of the Sith while his dad and step-mom watch the boys. I actually went into labor during the movie, and hoped that Lily would arrive while they were still in town only to have it stop as soon as I got home and laid down. It came and went all night long........5/26 10:39pm

5 years ago I was up eating the breakfast my husband made me and waiting for his parents to come say goodbye before they got on a plane back to South Carolina. Contractions were about 10 minutes apart still like they had been off and on all night. 5/27 7:35am

5 years ago I was rocking on the birth ball in my living room while saying goodbye to my inlaws. Labor had indeed started, but it was slow going! Sad to see them go, and sad that they would just be missing the birth of their granddaughter! 8:13am

5 years ago I was changing my clothes, Marc was calling our Doula and the Birthcenter, we loaded up the boys our bags and headed out to Tualatin to settle in for labor.  9:55am

5 years ago I was finally in active labor! I settled into the tub and called the family to let them know Lily was on her way! 11:14am

5 years ago I floated in a tub of warm water, surrounded by flickering candles, the faces of women I trusted, and the power of every laboring woman who had come before me.  I felt their energy as I sored through each contraction going deep within myself to find the beautiful and power of the moment. 1:02pm

5 years ago I was still laboring away. the AC at the birthcenter had shut off, my midwives and husband were melting while I was in a warm tub floating through contractions. Lily's arrival was still abouit 4 hours away! 5:56pm

5 years ago transition hit, but with a power and excitement I didn't experience with my boys. I was so excited because this meant Lily was almost ready to be pushed out!! 6:32pm

5 years ago I started feeling the urge to push!! Just little moments of my body working to move that baby down. I will always be amazed at how my body just knew what to do. I didn't push per say as much as it was my body pushing of its own will. About now I decided it was time to go back to the tub; as I got to the side of it about to climb in my body said, "PUSH!!!!!" I did and my water broke with that first push. 7:57pm

5 years ago having tried out the birth stool and deciding I HATED it, I got back into the tub and started pushing in earnest. I with Marc at my shoulder holding me under my arms and my wonderful midwives encourage me the whole way I kept at it. Determined and powerful. I had never felt so alive or so empowered! 8:24pm

 5 years ago Colton and Austin had joined us by the tub, and Lily was crowning. Almost time now.......8:52pm

 5 years ago today at 9:01pm Lillian Elizabeth was born in the water of the Lavendar Room Tub at Andaluz Waterbirth Center in Tualatin, Oregon. Her brother Austin cut her cord a few minutes later and the whole room sang Happy Birthday to our sweet daughter. Happy 5th Birthday Princess Lilybug!! 9:01pm Pacific Time

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