Monday, June 21, 2010

Not Me Monday- June 21st, 2010-- Midsummer

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

My "Not Me Monday" posts are usually full of sarcasm and snark about the lazy, imperfect, and comical moments in my otherwise pretty normal non-exciting life but today I did do something completely out of character for me. 

 I set my alarm and got up at FIVE AM IN THE MORNING!! ****gasp****  Yes me, up at quite literally dawn. ON PURPOSE. I'll let that sink in for a minute.  And to make it even more astonishing......the coffee wasn't ready yet!  Yes you read that right folks, Nichol was up before dawn on a MONDAY without any coffee at the ready, and it was entirely intentional!!

Some of you who know me might have figured out why, others are probably just still in shock that I would do something so outrageous, the rest of you probably don't care and are just playing along to humor me.  But in truth this conscious decision to get up before the sunrise is related to my effort to live more mindfully.  To recognize the passage of time rather than be swept up by it.  

So on today the longest day of the year 2010, I got up to watch the beginning of it and plan on spending this day being ever mindful of it's passage.  Starting tomorrow we loose daylight, and I for one hope I can make each moment count for the darkness comes back all too soon and way before we are ready! 

Happy Midsummer to everyone! May the Light bless you and yours.

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