Monday, January 17, 2011

Frugal cooking--Request for recipe submissions!!!

Hello dear readers!! I have a HUGE favor to ask of you.  I'm trying to get out of a cooking rut AND save money. Both things are hard but possible, doing them together are causing me to pull out hair.

So in an effort to not go bald and accomplish the above goals I'm turning to you! Please please please send me your "meals on the cheap" recipe ideas.  My hope is to try to get our food bill for all our meals for 5 people to under $400 a month.  And I'm trying to stay with WHOLE FOODS. The parameters of the recipes are simple:

  • Limited pre-made food as ingredients. I'd like to stay away from boxed/canned/jarred stuff.
  • No BEANS. I don't eat them or like fixing them.
  • Limited casseroles. The kids are NOT big fans. 
  • If your recipe has an unusual ingredient PLEASE give me an idea of where to find it.

Don't limit yourself to main dishes!! I'd love to see some side dish ideas and ways of preparing traditional sides that are original but cheap!

My plan is to try out EVERYTHING you guys send me that fits the parameters and then post both the recipe (giving you credit of course and linking to where ever on the net you want me to in that credit) and the family's reactions to it here on my blog.

You can email me here, post on my Facebook page here if we are friends, "tweet" me a link to your own recipe blog here, or post the recipe or link in the comments below.

Please include:
  • The recipe!!! (duh!)
  • An estimate on how many people it feeds and how long it takes to prep.
  • Your name or the name you want to go by in my blog.
  • Where you found the recipe if it isn't your own personal creation or one you have significantly modified from the original. (have to give credit where credit is due!)
  • A link to your own blog if you wish me to link back to you in my review post.
  • Any other information your little heart desires me to know!

I'll make a button soon for you to put on your blog if you want.

Thank you!!!!!


  1. I have to work today, but will be back with some sans beans recipes that I make... I have to figure how to write them down.. I just 'go for it' when i cook... no measures, no nada, just 'stuff' in my cupboard... give me a few days to gather and make one a day for 3 days... good luck with this endeavor

  2. back later with recipes... Wednesday for sure...

  3. Wonderful!! I look forward to trying what ever you share.