Monday, April 25, 2011

Adventures in NRT and diet change

So as many of you know I've been dealing with chronic pain, inflammation, fatigue, and fogginess over the last few years.  I'm starting a new approach in healing my body and hopefully this will fix the problems that I'm facing once and for all.

NRT=Nutrition Response Testing.  It is an alternative medicine approach to finding the root causes of your ailments and using whole food supplements to help your body heal itself.  My assessment with Dr. P showed things that I had suspected but that all previous testing had shown to be "within normal range".   I have low thyroid function, severely compromised adrenal function, a high level of residual mercury, and an intolerance to sugars. All of which combine to create the above symptoms.

So with that I've been given a few supplements to help my thyroid and adrenals begin to function normally again, a detox supplement to rid my body of the mercury, and been told to strictly limit my sugars. To start with I'm cutting out all processed sugar even more than I already have. i.e. no cane sugar at all, no corn syrup  HFCS or otherwise, no sugar processed from anything not whole.  I can still have honey, maple syrup, and whole fruit but not fruit juice. FOR NOW.  After a few weeks of doing this if I don't show improvement I will have to cut back/cut out those as well.

Today is what I'm considering DAY ONE even though I started the supplements last Thursday.  My food intake so far has been egg salad, a sourdough English muffin, some Greek yogurt with fresh strawberries, and my coffee with honey and cream.  Pretty darn good if I do say so myself, especially considering the fact that there are 3 HUGE bags of Easter candy sitting on my dining room table.

I haven't quite decided what I'm making for dinner tonight. Probably pork chops. Cinnimon Apple chops for everyone else, plain salt and pepper for me.

Anyone out there do "low sugar/no sugar" diets? WITHOUT using artificial sweeteners which I will not eat?  I'd love some tips and tricks!


  1. How do you feel about stevia? It's become much easier to find the actual plant around in nurseries. I enjoyed it with my herbal teas, it sweetened it right up.

  2. I can do stevia in iced tea if I need sweet, but I actually like most teas unsweetened. I haven't tried it in it's whole herb form, just the liquid or the packets.