Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ow my shoulder! The winter storm. And my job is ending.....

Ok so for the last few weeks now my left shoulder has been hurting. I finally got off my rump and went to the doctor. He checked me out, gave me some meds and sent me to physical therapy. Oh yeah. I just love PT. Ooh so much fun. NOT. Anyway, it looks like I have either a tendon or ligament strain that is inflammed and causing nerve compression. Happy times.
I will do my exercises, apply ice, and keep my use limited for the next few weeks while I go to PT twice a week and hope that it fixes it. If not it will be off to get an MRI for me.

What a crazy winter storm we've had! You can see the pics in my previous 2 posts. We have had now a total of 4 bands of snow come through, a few bouts of freezing rain, a thaw and a freeze all in the space of a week. Total since last Friday I think we've seen over 12 inches of snow and at least an inch of ice. We are getting more now as we speak. And while I love the beauty of our blessed mother earth clothed in her finest white winter garb, I don't love the extra week of the kids being out of school and insane Oregon drivers that don't have a clue wtf they are doing out on the roads! Oh and the fact that the cities here are not prepaired for this and don't plow! So if we have to go anywhere its chains on the tires and a prayer on your lips. Fortunately I have a well stocked pantry and freezer, the power is still on, and Marc is on vacation next week. I am content to just stay put, let the kids play in the white stuff, and keep my wool socks on. Sadly though I may have to work Xmas eve and the day after so keep sending traveling mercies my way as I slog my way to and from the book store.

Speaking of the bookstore, I was informed on Friday that the store's hours are being cut drastically after the new year. Which means my dream job is most likely going to end. There is a very slim chance I will be put on "contingency" and may be used as a call in gal for when people call in sick, but I don't have a lot of faith in that. I'm not very happy about leaving. I really do enjoy working at the bookstore, even if it is as only a cashier. Like I have said many times to many of my friends, the smell of books makes me happy. *sigh*
I also don't have a lot of hope in finding any other viable employment at this time of year in my industry (retail) in this economy. So, it looks like I will once again be a full time SAHM.

Such is life I guess...........................

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